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kmcg302 | Dec 16, 201404:37 PM     27

Thanks in advance for reading this long post.

I would like some recommendations/feedback on some of the wineries and restaurants that we are thinking of visiting in January. I will be going to Paso Robles with my husband, our 1-year old baby, parents and my two brothers for the weekend (3 nights for my hubs, the baby and I, two for everyone else).

My brothers are craft beer drinkers, and my parents like big, red cabs from Napa (we were Stag's Leap Wine Cellars members for the longest time), pinots (William Selyem mostly), and some malbecs. They have also enjoyed some of the rhone varietals that we've gotten from them from Amador County/the Sierra foothills, but . We all love food, all food.

Sooo.. our plan is to make dinner at our downtown Paso rental on Friday night, do a picnic lunch somewhere and then dinner at Il Cortile on Saturday, and then brunch on Sunday at either Artisan or Thomas Hill Organics -- the sample menu at Artisan sounds better -- before everyone leaves. Hubs, baby, and I might go to Villa Creek for dinner on Sunday or somewhere else downtown that's walkable from our rental (on 7th Street). Do you think this is a good plan? Are there any other restaurants we should consider instead of the ones currently on our list? Our baby eats everything (off our plates or we order her a side) and is generally well-behaved in a high chair. However, she can only sit still for maybe 2 hours, tops.

As for wineries... I am not sure which wineries to visit with everyone in tow, and which ones we should visit just hubs and I (we love wine and regularly go tasting in Napa/Sonoma, Anderson Valley, Sierra foothills, Willamette Valley). Wineries that have come up in my review of past threads are: Linne Calodo, Tablas Creek (went there 5 years ago, would go again), Zin Alley, Lone Madrone, Hunt, Four Vines, Fratelli Perata, L'Aventure, Tolosa, and Windward. Ideally we would take everyone to visit 2 wineries, and my hubs and I would go to another 2 or 3 more. Which ones should we take the newbie wine drinkers? Are there places we should avoid with a baby?

As for price points -- wines that generally are less than $75 for the wineries that everyone will visit, no real budget for the others. We need to stock up on reds as our stock is rapidly dwindling.

I apologize for this long post (it is my first). Thanks again for your suggestions!

Stag's Leap Wine Cellars
Thomas Hill Organics Bistro & Wine Bar
Linne Calodo
Tablas Creek Vineyard
Lone Madrone Paso Robles
Fratelli Perata Winery
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