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Thoughts on making todays turkey stock


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Thoughts on making todays turkey stock

Puffin3 | Dec 26, 2012 09:11 AM

Today's the day. I've broken down the turkey carcass and even crushed the big bones. Into the cold water, about 2 gallons. At this point I'd always add the chopped celery/carrot/sweet onion/ bay leaf. Then barely bring to a simmer for a few hours. Skim skim skim. I'm looking for a clear stock. T Keller warns about adding veg to make stocks. He calls them "flavor sponges" and I can't argue with his logic. Usually I strain off the "flavor sponges" with the bones leaving the broth. Not today.
Today I'm only using the turkey carcass and water and a couple of bay leafs. My plan is to get as much turkey flavor out of the stock first. I'll reduce the stock and cool and freeze it. Then when I want to use it in say a stew or soup I'll thaw some and add the steamed veg to the hot stock. I'll get the flavor of the clear turkey stock and the full flavor of the steamed veg. I've been to Polish restaurant many years ago that served a crystal clear broth with bright veg in it.
Any thought or suggestions?

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