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your thoughts on liquid smoke?

Lady_Tenar | Oct 16, 201104:19 PM

I love, love, love smoky flavors in food. Obviously, the best way to get them in there is to char-grill or smoke things in a smoker. However, this is not feasible for me right now--I share an apartment with roommates in a densely populated city and so I lack the space and the money for the equipment. When I went to impart a smoky flavor to food, I usually include some kind of smoked ingredient that I can buy--Spanish paprika, chipotle, smoked cheese etc. But then there's just straight up liquid smoke--I don't know how to feel about it. Some how, it seems like cheating, more than adding smokiness via another ingredient does but then, maybe that's just a silly prejudice. I generally like to stay away from fake additives and do things "the long way." But the long way just isn't possible right now! What do you guys think? Should I feel fine about adding this to my pantry? Do you use it? Would you not touch it with a 10-foot pole? Your thoughts, please.

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