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Thoughts about future of Cookbook of the Month


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Thoughts about future of Cookbook of the Month

Caitlin McGrath | Apr 11, 2010 09:18 PM

I've recently talked with a couple of people who are or have been regular participants in COTM about the fact that it's not had much participation - nominations, votes on nominated books, or reports - so far this calendar year. We thought it might make sense to open a discussion about the future direction it should take, or if people want to see it continue.

I don't know what the reason(s) for the fall off in participation is. The books selected, people being too busy or fatigued by the concept, or...?

I'm initiating this discussion because I've comitted to coordinating COTM for the next four months, but this is an endeavor that's about members of the community doing something collaborative because they've enjoyed it, so whatever they collectively decide, goes.

One person I spoke with suggested the possibility of a three- or six -month hiatus, if people might feel recharged for the project at that point.

Regardless of what happens to COTM, A) It's been a pretty amazing three-and-a-half-year project so far that has introduced many of us to some terrific cookbooks, and B) We should make sure Chow will keep the COTM Archive Page up so we can continue to easily find and use the threads generated.

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