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Didn't get what I thought I paid for....


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Didn't get what I thought I paid for....

ScottM | Oct 15, 2002 06:05 PM

What would you do/ask for?

Here is the short of it. I arranged a Chinese banquet at a well known dim sum restaurant in San Francisco. This was a wedding rehearsel dinner for 50 people. I settled on the menu with the banquet coordinator; she/he provided the price per table; I signed the agreement.

At the dinner, the Peking Duck course I had ordered was not served. When I asked the manager about it, she/he informed me that it was not on the menu sent by the banquet coordinator. The mngr. was apologetic but she/he could do nothing. Totally understandable!

Now, the banquet coordinator has admited that she/he screwed up and lost that part of my order. BUT she/he is claiming that the price I was quoted did not include the duck (i.e. I got what I paid for).

While she is admitting that the restuarant screwed up, she is at this point offering as compensation a free meal for 4.

I should add that the restuarant all along would not cut me a deal on anything. Ex: I paid $12 per bottle corkage for 18 bottles. And, I printed menus for the banquet that included the Peking Duck so it was no secret to everyone at the dinner that a course was missing. It was a topic of conversation. A little embarassing....

So I ask you, Chowhounds, what would you do? What is just compensation for this screw up?

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