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Not what you thought you ordered. What to do?


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Not what you thought you ordered. What to do?

HickTownBarnaby | Oct 2, 2008 01:34 PM

You're having dinner in a restaurant and you order a specific cocktail. The server brings it to your table and it's obvious that the bartender has interpreted the recipe differently from what you were expecting. The ingredients might even be correct, but mixed in an odd way that no other bartender has served it.

What do you do? Send it back? Drink it even though you're unhappy with it? Do you take the time to give your server the recipe every time you order it so there is no misunderstanding?

PS. I'm still looking for the St Germain cocktail that was recommended on this board. I've been to 3 very nice, fine dining establishments in my state. Not only do they not serve it; they've not heard of it.

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