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A thought on food "studies"


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A thought on food "studies"

Godslamb | Jun 25, 2011 08:59 PM

This is just my humble opinion, but it seems to me that as long as you follow the basic food guide and believe in moderation, you should be "basically" healthy. Realizing of course that there are many variables for everyone.
It seems to me that every time a new study comes out about food or a food product, everyone jumps on the bandwagon to support or deny whichever camp they lean towards. I think back to previous studies that seem to tell us one thing, then 5 years later another study comes up to support not eating that same food. It seems every 2-3 years another study is done to disprove a study done previously. Coffee is bad!! 2 years later, Coffee is good!! Chocolate is bad!! 2 years later, Chocolate is good!! This causes cancer, this hellps heal cancer. No one is to be believed, it seems.
Well guess what? Breathing is bad for your health!! Think about it. When we breathe in, we breathe in oxygen yes, but we also are breathing in pollutants from our own homes and the enviroment! Perhaps we ought to stop breathing....just a thought. This is again, my opinion, but it often makes those around me ponder.
Please be gentle with replies, I am but a humble person who quietly watches the food world with interest. :)

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