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Has anyone tried Thomcord grapes?


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Has anyone tried Thomcord grapes?

karykat | Oct 13, 2012 07:51 PM

Our coop has them. From California.

They are a new seedless hybrid of Thompson and Concord grapes.

They look exactly like Concords. Smaller with that dark purple concord skin.

I"m wondering what they taste like. I know the concord-type skin should give them that taste.

But am wondering whether the meat is more of a Thompson type?

If they have good Concord taste, they would be fantastic for baking.

I bought some local Concord-type grapes here this fall. I think they were called Bluebells.

But they had seeds. So you had to skin each one, then heat the meat to soften the seeds, then run through a food mill to get rid of the seeds, then add the meat back to the skins.l

If these new grapes are good and you didn't have to go through the de-seeding process, it would be fantastic.

The ones in my store were in pre-weighed packages so it wasn't possible to just taste one.

(And the produce guys weren't around.)

Anyone tried?

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