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Thick Korean Ice tea??? WHAT IS IT???

Juniorz | May 16, 201207:33 PM

I've been to a few Korean restaurants and this one in particular served an Iced tea that was very refreshing and was a little thicker then regular drinks. When I asked the server what kind of tea it was he just said it was iced tea. I'm pretty sure they've been asked before and you have to pay for this drink so they probably wanted to keep it a secret from outsiders (even though I am asian lol). It's slightly brown and has a light honey taste. It was about 3 years ago and I've done research. Some say it is barley iced tea "bori-cha". Some say it is persimmon tea"Sujong-gwa". Some say it is Korean Citrus tea (the stuff that comes in a jar). Some say it is Oak Sul Su Tea "Corn Tea". Some say it is "Shikhye", but that is a clear iced tea drink. So my question is... WHICH ONE OF THOSE IS IT??? I'm off to H-Mart tomorrow to see if i can find it. H-mart is quite far from where I live so I only go once every month if even. But if you've been to a Korean restaurant and tried this refreshing honey like thick iced tea... YOU KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT! lol anyways a little help would be nice thank you! Sorry for the long description. But my guess and from my research... it is most likely corn tea or persimmon tea? Any Koreans in the house? haha

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