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Thawed Chicken Safety

valia | Jun 20, 201703:08 PM

I put frozen chicken tenderloins (that were unfrozen from grocery store) in my fridge this morning to thaw, and then I ran it under cold water for about 30-45 mins. this evening. It thawed completely, I took it out of the package, and was getting ready to cook it when my oven element caught fire. I quickly covered the chicken and put it in the fridge and I am planning on cooking it this evening in the toaster oven when my husband brings home a disposable pan that is safe to use in my toaster oven. My question is- is the chicken still safe as I will be cooking it tonight? It will have been in the fridge for about 1-2 hours after thawing completely under cold running water- Normally I would cook it right away, but like I said, I had an unexpected oven mishap. Thank you!

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