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My Thanksgiving Turkey. I let Wegman's do the job....


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My Thanksgiving Turkey. I let Wegman's do the job....

jarona | Nov 25, 2011 05:35 AM

Ok. Another lesson learned. Last time I made a slight "Thanksgiving" error was the addition of a turducken. THIS year it was allowing Wegman's to cook the turkey. My bright idea stemmed from the fact I really wanted the time to do my sides and desserts without having to babysit a turkey in the oven. Since I'm not too crazy about turkey anyway, I thought it would be a great solution.--I mean, after all, I love Weggies. I do all my food shopping there and have never had any complaints.
Actually, the turkey was pretty good--but what I envisioned in my mind as being pre-cooked was not the turkey I actually received--let me describe: I thought the turkey would be totally cooked so that all I would have to do was just carve it and reheat for a few moments. No. It WAS precooked but it had been frozen. It was covered in that plastic shrink-wrap and I had to cook it for three hours. I had to add broth to a roasting pan...and baste....soooooooooo...there it was. I still had to cook it.
Wegmans--I still love you, but next year, I'll just get a fresh turkey!

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