Thanksgiving vs. Pesach


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Thanksgiving vs. Pesach

rockycat | Nov 17, 2010 05:32 AM

When the Spouse and I were dating we realized that both our families had the "tradition" of serving virtually the same meal for the Seder as for Thanksgiving, the only major difference being that the Seder foods were KP. We both felt that that was somehow not right, maybe not showing enough respect for Pesach, if that's the right word. We decided that when we hosted our own family meals the two holidays would have very different menus. We've held to that and, although each meal has it's own invariable traditional foods, they have almost no overlap.

So my question is: Do many American Jewish families serve the same menu at both the Seder and Thanksgiving? Is this maybe a function of mid-20th century assimilative tendencies? Or are both of our families weird? (Well, yes, they are weird. But I meant in a food sense.)

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