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Thanksgiving -- idle curiosity


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Thanksgiving -- idle curiosity

Jim Strain | Sep 20, 2004 11:56 AM

Someone on the "California" board recently asked for a restaurant recommendation for Thanksgiving. Personally, my only experience with eating away from someone's home on that holiday was in places where the chef de cuisine was a US Navy Commissaryman (good, but...), and long-established family tradition makes it unlikely that I will do so any time soon. But I was hoping that maybe some of you who do have experience might respond to a speculation:

Does TG dinner at *any* restaurant ever rise above the ordinary? Is it ever really special? I would guess (and it *is* a guess!) that it's sort of like Valentines Day at a lot of places: a guaranteed moneymaker, but one that seldom inspires culinary excellence. When I've seen ads or descriptions of restaurant menus, they typically showcase the "traditional Thanksgiving Feast," with the same stuff that everyone else is eating from mansions to mobile parks across the nation. Can a turkey dinner at a top-notch restaurant really be that much better than you could get at a mass-market place? On the other hand, it's hard to imagine a great restaurant turning itself into a Hometown Buffet, even for a single day.

So what's it *really* like to eat out on Thanksgiving at a place where the chow is taken seriously?
. . jim strain in san diego.

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