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Help me make Thanksgiving happen w/ help from TJs in a tough situation


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Help me make Thanksgiving happen w/ help from TJs in a tough situation

loraxc | Nov 21, 2013 07:45 AM

Here is the situation: we will be having Tgiving with family in a small rented vacation condo that is designed for 4 people. I have no idea what tools will be available in the kitchen and cannot ask. For various reasons, there will be 9 of us (4 older kids) there for the meal. I am in charge of this meal. For family harmony reasons I need to make the meal VERY simple--light on prep and dishes. (It's a long story...) But I would like to maintain the Thanksgiving feeling and have it be good, of course.

We are driving to this destination and I have a beautiful new Trader Joe's by me. For this reason, I am thinking of loading up on TJ's Tgiving stuff. Can anyone advise on what is good? Was thinking about their frozen mashed potatoes, butternut squash/spinach gratin, Brussel Sprouts Parmeyere, Cauliflower Gratin, their cornbread stuffing, something w/sweet potatoes, and their gravy. Has anyone tried any of that? I have beautiful greens from my CSA so could do a lovely salad. Nice cheeses and crackers for apps. 4 of the 9 of us are mostly veg, so turkey needs are reduced, but we will still want something. I really need help with that since I rarely cook meat. TJ's has a pre-stuffed breast and I believed precooked meat as well, or perhaps this is something to get locally? Not much room in the fridge or time to thaw.

I am pining to make pies but it might be best to buy those also, or at least crusts. Does TJs have good crusts? Maybe a simple pecan pie and a pumpkin cheesecake?

Any other ideas for things that are LOW prep, LOW fuss, but will still feel Thanksgiving-y and not sad?

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