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Thanksgiving disaster!


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Thanksgiving disaster!

FuriousSuzanne | Dec 4, 2013 07:59 PM

Hi y'all, first time posting but needed to vent a little about the holiday that just passed (thank god it's over).

To make a long story short it was my first year being allowed to cook and host for the family thanksgiving. My MIL was very hesitant about letting the big day change hands she has been hosting it at her house for the past few years. To avoid any hard feelings I agreed to her bringing all the deserts.

Come the day of the big meal dear MIL comes in to the kitchen and insists she help finish any dishes that are cooking while the turkey is in. Im a bit annoyed as I like the kitchen, but decided what they's only once a year. She was getting a bit on my nerves telling me im not stirring enough or Im cutting the onion to small but I took a deep breath and just smiled through it. She tells me i'm doing a great job and she wouldn't mind keeping an eye on things while I go visit with the family for a while. I knew it was a bad idea but at that point i'd do anything to take a breather. I went to visit with my great aunt who I very rarely get a chance to see, we ended up talking for a good hour or so when I smelt smoke wafting out of my kitchen.

I went a runnin to see MIL over the sink holding a completly black and charred turkey. She told me she had put her tart in the oven that she had brought to crisp the edges and turned the oven up a bit. What she neglected to do was turn the oven back to the temperature It was originally at. At this point im almost in tears and she hugs me and assures me it was an accident and she's sorry. I could care less at this point but I let it slide as she is my hubbys mom afterall and it may have been an honest mistake (he was suspiciously not involved in any of this fiasco watching the games with FIL).

The part of this story that gets me really upset though is, she told me she had a way to solve the problem and sh got in her car and drove a few blocks away to her house and brough back a freshly cooked piping hot turkey. Now im truley speechless! How did she know to have this as a just in case?? I let her serve the turkey as I ddint want ym guests to go hungry but I can't help but feel my big day was ruined....

How can I avoid such a catastrophe in the future? does anyone else have an over zealous MIL?? Good god I'm not sure I could look at a turkey again

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