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Thanksgiving day diasters. Yours?


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Thanksgiving day diasters. Yours?

bnemes3343 | Nov 26, 2008 04:27 AM

Thinking back on Thanksgiving day dinners, a couple of dinner-disasters really stick out in my mind. Actually, they both occurred on the same Thanksgiving, hosted by my sister (who I hope doesn't visit this site).

First was the mashed potatoes. She boiled them the night before and left them sitting in water until the next day. They basically turned to glue. Of course it was my job to finish them off, so I got the credit (not really) for the end product. They were horrible.

Second was her husbands brain-storm to try a new technique for cooking the turkey that he saw Martha Stewart do. She covered the turkey with cheesecloth and poured a bottle of white wine over it. Then placed at the very bottom of the oven with root vegetables under the bird. Problem was that by BIL's stove was gas, so the flame was an inch or two below the bird. By the time it was done, the veggies were burned beyond recognition and the drippings were horrible. And, it was my wife's task to make the gravy from this mess. Needless to say, the gravy was horrible, so she took the hit for that. (Of course everyone raved about all the food, despite the fact that is was horrible).

So what are your TDay disasters?

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