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Thai Nakorn - review

WildSwede | Nov 7, 2005 02:46 PM

Thank you to all who responded to my questions about where to eat in Orange!! I had a meeting there and decided to wait a while before battling the traffic coming home (that theory did not work out well, though). Alas, Thai Nakorn was the chosen one – well, it had been on my list for a long time and I did not realize how close it (Garden Grove Bl. location) was to where I had to be for the meeting – mere blocks!
Arrived before 5 on Monday. Nice, squishy, comfy booths against the front window (all were taken), half booth/half tables along the west wall and tables in the middle areas. Nice high-ceilinged, comfortable room. I was seated at the first half-boother closest to the windows. Really comfortable seat, I think I could have fallen asleep right there!
Service was great and spot on. Really attentive – water was refilled immediately and they came to check out how I was doing often.
I ordered the Thai Iced Coffee and asked if I could get just a single-serving size of the Tom Yum no meat, just veggies (not a problem)! Both were very good.
I asked for the hot pepper and thai chili in fish sauce and I was good to go!
I ordered the Nuah Dad Deaw / Kho Bo – Dried Salty Beef (like beef jerky) $6.95. I prefer the more-funky sweet/hot/pungent sauce that you get with it at Sapp, but their meat was more succulent and they served larger pieces. Really good. I did not eat too much of this as I also ordered the Pad Thai $6.50.
The Pad Thai was very good – once I tweaked it to my preference, which means a lot of the Thai chilis in fish sauce. So good!
The best parts (I vaguely remember someone posting about the tamarind with chili on which the chili was not mentioned and they got a big surprise) were all the items they sell at the counter when you go up to pay. All kinds of mouth-watering items up there. I bought the tamarind with chili (still no mention of chili, actually there is no label on it other than the $3.00 price tag). On this, the sweet lady who was helping me offered to add more chili – go ahead. She added the chili that has a smoky flavor – really good! I also bought Almond with Cashew Nut Cookies $3.00. They are in a plastic container, 2 levels of tiny heart-shaped cookies that are orange on top and topped with a half cashew. They melt in your mouth – really good as well! Got some dried mango with chili which I have been munching on all weekend. Nice. Then the lady handed me something to taste – it looked like a small potato pancake. Boy, it sure did not taste like potato!! She explained that it was coconut with sticky rice powder. DEE-LI-CIOUS!! WOW! Okay, 6 of those puppies for $2.00 – add them to the tab, please.
Final tab - $36.69 (incl tax & tip) – more than I would usually spend, but with the nice environment, great food and service and all the goodies, well worth it!
I would definitely go back!! Thank you to all who keep posting about this place – very nice!

Thai Nakorn Restaurant
12532 Garden Grove Bl.
Garden Grove, CA 92843
(714) 537-5011

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