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Thai menu translated and posted -- very very long


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Thai menu translated and posted -- very very long

foodfirst | Oct 24, 2002 06:55 AM

A 9/30 post on this board asked for help with the Thai language menu for a Chicago restaurant (the menu with Thai script was linked to the post). I translated it for my own use, then in the end an inability to read my own chicken scratch forced me to type it up -- thus allowing me to post it here. I think I managed to get most of it except for a few dishes at the end -- any help with these welcomed!
There are quite a few dishes I've not seen often in the US -- hopefully folks outside the Chicago area can make use of this at their favorite local Thai restaurants. Hope some of you find this useful.
A few notes:
(1) the layout here is not the same as the layout of the menu on the link, which was a little confusing (and double columned). I've typed in a few prices so hopefully this will allow folks to match up the translations with the menu. I capitalized the category headings to make this easier to sort out.
(2) I aimed for consistency wiht the transliterations, but no guarantee
"aw" is like "aw" shucks
"aow" as in "ow" that hurts
"iaow" is like "ee" (preen) plus "aow"
"ae" is a short "e" as in "bet"
"bp" is somewhere betw. a "b" and a "p"
"y" is like "u" in "under" -- "yy" is the same, but long
(3) for those not intimately familiar with the range of Thai fried noodles -- most of the fried noodle dishes are bland and meant to be spiced up at the table with dry red chili, fresh chili vinegar, fish sauce, sugar. (As phad tai is with lime and chili). Look for or ask for a condiment tray at your restaurant!

Finally, thanks to Jim for tweaking this so that I could post it.

AAHAAN WAANG(lit. "empty food" - snacks/drinking foods)

Mee grawb (crispy noodles with sweet and limey sauce) $4.95

Dab waan (liver sliced and lightly cooked to still soft and pinkish in the center, sauced as if a laab but a little sweeter)

Hoi jaw (rolled softened dry dofu sheets stuffed with crab or other filling, sauced and served warm)

Muu bping (BBQ pork)

Gai-muu satay (chicken or pork satay)

Muu dtad diao ("single sun" pork - pork seasoned with fish sauce and sundried for only a day so not too hard - sometimes deep-fried before
serving) $5.95

Gong tempura (shrimp "tempura")

Tawtmaan bplaa (deep-fried fish cakes)

Hoi maleeng buu (mussels steamed in claypot with lemongrass, etc)

Bpaw bpia sot (fresh spring rolls)

Bpaw bpia tawt (fried spring rolls)

Daowhuu tawt (fried dofu)

Gong krabawk (shrimp cooked in hollowed-out bamboo --- ????)

Sekrawk iisaan (Iisaan sausage)

Daohuu tawt song kryang (fried dofu served in a sauce with veggies such as carrot, etc.) $5.95

Hoi tawt (fried oysters or mussels) $7.95

Gong siap ("pierced shrimp" - shrimps pressed flattish and BBQ'd, highly spiced) $5.95


Soop nawmai (preserved bamboo salad - Iisaan dish)$4.95

Yam bplaadyk foo ("exploded" catfish salad)

Yam kai yiaw maa (100-year-old-egg salad)

Yam bplaa krawb (fried fish salad)

Yam nya (beef salad)

Laab muu-gai-nya (pork or chicken or beef laab)

Gong chai nambplaa (shrimp or prawn, usually raw, marinated in fish sauce, lime juice etc served very cold, a sort of Thai ceviche)

Plaa gong (sliced raw prawns seasoned with chili lemongrass, lime juice, chili paste etc. - spicy)

Nya yang namtok ("waterfall beef" -- grilled beef salad)

Yam wunsen (glass noodle/rice vermicelli salad)

Syya rawnghai ("crying tiger" - BBQ beef, made with very fatty beef which "cries" /drips onto the coals)

Yam ruammit talay (mixed seafood salad)

Nyayang namjim (BBQ beef with namjimjiaow - dark Iisaan-style dipping sauce)

Yam makkkya (eggplant salad)

Somtam bpuu-tai (green papaya salad with preserved crab or "Thai style", with no crab)

Yam bplaamyyk (squid salad)

Muu manaow (sliced pork with lime-fish sauce-garlic sauce poured over)

Bplaamyyk manaow (squid same as above)

Gong manaow (shrimp same as above)

Yam huabplee (banana blossom salad - usually made with coconut cream)

Yam sam krawb ("3 crispies" which might include squid, pork cracklin's, shrimp)

AAHAAN JAANDIAOW("single plates")

Khao muu daeng (rice with "red pork" - pork in a sweetish brown sauce
- not spicy) $5.95

Khao phad muu-gai-nya (fried rice with pork, chicken, beef) $5.95

Khao phad talay (fried rice with seafood) $6.95

Khao phad garee gong (fried rice with shrimp "curry")

Khao phad grapaow (fried rice with basil)

Khao phad sapparot (fried rice with pineapple)

Grapaow gai laad khao (chicken fried rice with fried basil on top)

Phad tai gong sot (phad tai with fresh shrimp)

Guaydtiaow keemaow (fried rice noodles with chili and basil - usually very spicy)

Guaydtiaow kuagai (fried rice noodles with chicken served on a bed of a green veg, often lettuce)

Laad naa talay (rice noodles in "gravy" with seafood)

Phad siiew (rice noodles fried usually with pork or chicken, Chinese broccoli, and soy sauce - slightly sweet, to be cut with chili vinegar)

Guaytiaow laad naa nya sab (fried rice noodles topped with "gravy" that includes minced beef, carrots, and onions)

Bamee heeng-nam muu daeng (thin egg noodles with red pork - served "dry" or in soup)

Mee grawb laad naa ("gravy" over fried noodles)

Giaow nam (wonton in soup) $5.75

Guaytiao dtang dek (??? A type of noodles but what kind???) $5.95

PHAD ("fried" -- stirfried)

Kanaa namman hoi (fried Chinese broccoli in oyster sauce) $5.95

Kanaa bplaa kem (Chinese broccoli fried with salted fish) $6.25

Phad phrik king muu-gai-nya (pork, chicken or beef fried with ginger and chili -- often a chili paste -- usually with long beans)

Phad bpoi siawn (like Chinese fried "8 treasures" - usually vegetarian)

Phad grapaow muu-gai-nya (fried pork, chicken or beef with basil)

Phad king muu-gai-nya (pork chicken or beef fried with ginger)

Phad wunsen (fried glass noodle)

Muu gratiem phrik tai (pork stirfried with black pepper and garlic)

Phat priaow waan muu-gai-nya (sweet and sour pork, chicken or beef )

Phad phak ruammit (mixed fried veg) $6.25

Yawt kaowphawt oon phad gong (baby corn stir-fried with shrimp)

Phad grapaow khai yiaow maa (stirfried 100-year-old-egg with basil)

Phad bpetyang grapaw grawb (fried grilled duck with crispy basil on top)

Phad tai raisen (Phad tai noodles --- without the noodles)

Phad nok tawd gratiem phrik tai (deep-fried "bird" - pigeon in Bangkok - with garlic and black pepper)

TOM YAM-GAENG JOOT(sour-salty-spicy soups and clear, mild soups)

Tom yam gong (shrimp tom yam) $7.95

Tom kha gai (boiled rice soup with chicken - mild but meant to be spiced up at table w/ vinegar, chilis, fish sauce, fried garlic and shallots, cilantro, etc)

Tom yam bplaa grawb (deep-fried fish tom yam)

Tom yam khaa muu (pork leg tom yam)

Kaeng joot wunsen muu sab (clear mild soup with glass noodle/rice vermicelli and minced pork)

Gaeng joot saaray daohuu awn (clear mild soup with seaweed and soft dofu)

Gaeng joot phakaat dawng (clear mild soup with pickled cabbage)

GAENG (Curry)

Gaeng bpaa ("forest" or jungle curry) $7.95

Gaeng kiaow waan muu-gai-nya (sweet - ie not hot - green curry with pork, chicken or beef)

Gaeng kiaow waan gai mapraow awn (same as above but chicken, with young coconut)

Gaeng kiaow waan gong (green curry with shrimp)

Gaeng massaman gai-nya (Mussaman curry with chicken or beef)

Penang gai-muu-nya (Penang curry - red w/coconut, not too liquidy - with chicken pork beef)

Gaeng phet bpet (spicy duck curry)

Gaeng kua sapparot gong (Curry with pineapple, shrimp and ???)

Gaeng lyang gong sot (Mon-style yellow curry - more like a soup than a curry - with fresh shrimp, usually also with squash or pumpkin, seasoned with fresh chili and lots of black pepper)

Gaeng kua hoi kom (???curry with shellfish and??)

Gaeng som pladyyk tawd (orange curry with fried catfish --- sour from tamarind and not too thick)

Gaeng som gong sot (orange curry with fresh shrimp) $7.95
KOONG WAAN(sweets)

Khaotom mot (sticky rice and banana wrapped in banana leaf and steamed or boiled) $2.25

Khanom maw gaeng (a sort of rice flour "cake" topped with a thin layer of custard - a Phetburi specialty)

Nam mapraow awn (young coconut juice) $2.00

THE FOLLOWING are from a section on the linked menu -- floating at the top left corner of "page 2 of 4" -- probably belongs under "fried dishes"?

Chuuchii plaa nya awn ("dry" coconut milk-free red curry with fish ???and tender beef???) $7.50

Bpuu dam trongtrawng (crab ???of some sort???) $5.95



Bplaadook phad phet (catfish stirfried with chili)

Bplaadaeng tawd laad phrik (fried fish with chili sauce poured over - aka "chili fish") $7.95

Kha gob phad phet (spicy stirfried frog's legs) $7.95

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