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Testing Bread Doneness Using a Scale


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Testing Bread Doneness Using a Scale

davis_sq_pro | May 7, 2011 09:07 PM

Hi all,

I just baked 9 small loaves of bread, and used a thermometer to test doneness (a robust sourdough--baked to 210F).

The 9 loaves were baked in two batches, and the second batch has a noticeably darker crust despite being cooked at the same temperature in the oven and to the same internal temperature per the thermometer.

All of the loaves are shaped pretty much the same (they're all boules) and weighed exactly the same when I shaped them -- 9oz. I suspect the difference is due to my putting the thermometer in a slightly different area of the loaf during the first batch vs. the second batch, and I'm hoping to find a more accurate way to test.

The lighter loves weigh ~8.1oz post-baking, and the darker loaves weigh ~7.7oz. Which makes sense -- more time in the oven would result in more evaporation. I think that the weight of the final loaf could be more effective than internal temperature when it comes to determining whether the bread is finished, but a Google search yielded nothing relevant.

Does anyone here have information on bread weight vs. doneness, or know where I can find i)? Or is this an faulty idea for some reason? I can't imagine that I'm the first person to think of this, but given the lack of information -- unless I'm using totally wrong search terms -- I'm wondering if it's somehow a less ideal method than measuring internal temperature.


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