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Tentative Dining Itinerary for June Vacation


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Tentative Dining Itinerary for June Vacation

ignatiusjreilly | May 27, 2014 05:12 PM

Hi everyone,

My wife and I are visiting from the Metro Detroit area in late June. We’re in our mid-thirties.

I posted this query earlier, asking where to stay. We knew we’d spend two nights in Santa Monica and asked where to spend the remaining four nights. Some said stay in Santa Monica, some said Hollywood, some said downtown. We chose Hollywood for several reasons. A friend who lived in LA suggested Hollywood, so his opinion carried weight. We’re trying airbnb for accommodations, and Hollywood had lots of options at reasonable prices. And, Hollywood allowed us easier access to other parts of LA, including SGV and the option of using public transportation when heading downtown. Thanks for everyone’s insight.

I’ve attempted to perform my due diligence by researching existing threads. So, here’s our tentative dining itinerary. Any input is much appreciated. We’ll have a car at least while staying in Hollywood.


Fig at 5 for dinner. It seems people prefer Tar and Roses, Rustic Canyon, and Gjelina, but Fig at 5’s affordability and value make it attractive.


A-Frame or Ford’s Filling Station for lunch. We’ll be in Venice by lunchtime, so we won’t be too far. We chose these because a friend really wanted us to try one.

Father’s Office for dinner.


Duke’s in Malibu for lunch. This is my wife’s birthday, and eating on the beach in Malibu greatly appealed to her. We both know this is for the view, not the food. Prices seemed very reasonable.

Providence for dinner.

After dinner drinks on Friday – I’m torn on this. I was thinking Yamashiro. (We promise not to eat here.) It’s outdoors. It’s reputed to have a great view. But, some seem to hate it. I’d really appreciate advice on this so her birthday’s memorable. We’d like to be within striking distance from Hollywood. My wife would love a cool outdoor space and, if possible, one with a view.


Ricky’s Fish Tacos for lunch.

Animal for dinner. (ink was another contender.)


Chinese for breakfast or lunch. This is easily the most difficult choice due to the sheer number and diversity of Chinese restaurants. Dim sum is always appealing, but I’ve had very good dim sum in Vancouver and Toronto, so it won’t be a new experience. I’ve never had XLB, so I’m leaning toward Din Tai Fung. I suppose we could always try a place that serves dim sum and XLB, like Sea Harbour (per Tony’s Eater post) or Shanghai No. 1 Seafood. Or, maybe we’ll skip the dumpling genre altogether and eat at Chengdu Taste or Omar’s XinJiang Halal or 101 Noodle Express or JTYH or Bebe Fusion or Beijing Pie House or SinBaLa or maybe I’ll take a nap because I have a headache.

Sushi for dinner – this one’s tough, too. My wife would like some non-traditional options. I’d like some traditional options. We’re looking for reasonable prices, maybe around $100 with a couple drinks before tax and tip. K-Zo seems to fit the bill. Hide looks to be in our price range, but it doesn’t seem to have many non-traditional choices. Kiriko is worth consideration, but the website doesn’t have prices, so I don’t know if it’s within range. It also doesn’t have monkfish liver on the online menu, which I was really looking forward to having.


Grand Central Market for lunch. (Egg Slut, Bulgarini’s, etc.)

Guisado’s or Guelaguetza for dinner. We wanted another Mexican place, we’ll be downtown, and both seem within striking distance, even if we take public transportation to Guelaguetza or Uber it to Guisado’s. How safe are these areas? My wife’s concerned these are in rough neighborhoods.


Langer’s on the way to the airport.

Sincere apologies for the novel. Thank you in advance to anyone who contributes. I’ll definitely report back after the trip. I know people appreciate it.

Rustic Canyon,
Gjelina Take Away,
Ford's Filling Station,
Yamashiro Hollywood,
Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant,
Shanghai No 1 Seafood Village,
Chengdu Taste,
101 Noodle Express and Grill,
101 Noodle Express,
JTYH Restaurant,
BeBe Fusion,
Beijing Pie House,
Grand Central Market,
Valerie at Grand Central Market,
Real De Oaxaca,
Bulgarini Gelato Artigianale,
Din Tai Fung
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