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What to do with the better, more tender cuts of meat?


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What to do with the better, more tender cuts of meat?

chocoremedy | Jan 17, 2014 03:15 AM

I have found, as a singleton, that buying less than tender meats and slow cooking them makes for good food at a low price. Examples...

Beef Chuck / Brisket / Beef Cheeks / Beef Shin / Osso Buco / Ox Tail / Beef Short Ribs.
Chicken Drumsticks / Legs with the bone in / Thighs / Marylands.
Pork Ribs / Spareribs / Shoulder.
Lamb Shanks / Shoulder / Ribs / Neck chops / Minced (Ground) Lamb.

But lately I've been wanting to live a little— you know, cook the better cuts, fish, and stufff, like....

Beef Fillet / Tenderloin / Sirloin / New York Cut / Porterhouse / Entrecote / Striploin / Ribeye Steak / Rib Fillet / Scotch Fillet / Cube Roll / Minced (ground) Beef (favs?)
Chicken Breast / Tenderloin / Whole chicken / Thigh Fillets / Minced (Ground) Chicken. (pretty straightforward— I usually shred mine, but I'm curious what you foodies like to do)
Pork Fillet / Tenderloin / Pork Cutlets / Loin Chops / Pork Chops / Pork Belly (Side Pork). (had experience with tenderloin in the oven turning out well.)
Lamb Fillet / Tenderloin / Lamb Cutlets / Rack of Lamb / Lamb Loin Chops / Leg (Gigot) / Minced (Ground) Lamb. (CLUELESS)
All Fish Fillets / All Whole Fish. (yuummmmm)
Prawns / Lobster / Shrimp / Crab / Oysters / Calamari. (moarr yummm)

So, I am the type of person that always looks for a "best way", though I know there often isn't one. So I'll leave the question at this— what method do you find yourself going back to when cooking the above?

I like juicy tender shtufff that freezes well if need be, but mostly just tastes good when it's hot out of the kitchen! Like anyone ;)

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