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At what temperature do spirits taste best?

Icantread | Jan 10, 200801:27 PM     8

With wine, serving it at the right temperature is a downright science. Too warm, and a lot of unclean flavors come out, too cold and it gains a harsh acid bite. With liquor, there isn't really a whole lot of info of the right way to serve them. For instance Vodka traditionally comes out of the freezer. Yet in stocking my new home, I bought two bottles, one the Reika vodka and the other Zyr. I brought them out of the freezer after about an hour at most and tasted them out of curiosity. The Zyr restored my love of Vodka in a single sip while the Reika, while smooth, tasted watered down next to Zyr. The next day I brought them out again and the Reika had transformed itself into a clear, smooth masterpiece, while the Zyr had gained some of the more industrial and unpleasant tones you can find in vodka and lost some of its wonderful "flavor". I'm moving the Zyr to the fridge and leaving the Reika in the freezer. I wanted to know everyone's input in what they have found as far as ideal temperature/serving method for their drinks of choice.

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