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Telltale signs of metro/industrial restaurants?

TrishUntrapped | Mar 21, 201906:01 AM     18


I am getting down to the final weeks before my first-ever dream trip to Paris. I am sooo excited and really determined not to dine in any restaurants that use predominately pre-processed, frozen foods. As a first-time visitor, I am susceptible to falling into that trap. Hence my screen name.

So what are some tell-tale signs that a restaurant relies heavily on metro/industrial foods? I have been warned to avoid places that have menus in English. Yet, some very fine places recommended on this board have menus in French and English, so that may not be a reliable sign.

I do not plan on going to a place where someone is standing outside luring you in. That's a sure sign in New York City that you are going to be fleeced and overcharged for mediocre food.

Any other warning signs?

These are some of the restaurants on my list, anything stand out as a negative for metro/industrial or other reasons?

Reservations have been made for lunches at L'Oiseau Blanc, Le Train Bleu, Le Grand Véfour.

We are staying in the 6th. For our first night on arrival, I would like to see the Eiffel Tower glisten while toasting my husband with champagne at the bar of Le Ciel de Paris Montparnasse. Would like to have dinner ahead of time in the general area because I know we will be tired. Considering Bouillon Chartier Montparnasse, La Rotonde or closer to our hotel, Briezh Cafe for crepes.

We don't eat seafood or offal, and I do not want to be "that person" that is rude or offensive at any restaurant so I have tried to choose spots that look like the menus will be a good fit.

I am fixated on sampling French rotisserie chicken, so Auberge D'Chez Eux is on the list, along with another choice L'Atelier Maître Albert.

Also planning to have lunch at Foyer de la Madeline, but the food is not a factor. That will be followed by a stroll to Café Joyeux for a snack.

Other restaurants on my ever-evolving list:
Le Mazenay
Auberge Bressane
Chez Monsieur
Cafe Varenne
Le Caveau de Palais
Cafe Trama
Les Fous de l'Ile
Les Editeurs (I'm a journalist so thought I might go for a drink/snack to rub shoulders with my ilk)

Right near our hotel is Le Christine which I understand has a new chef so it may be worth checking out if we are tired one night and don't want to go far.

Merci for your input.

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