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Technical difficulties

Allstonian | Nov 9, 200911:13 AM

I'm having two problems today:

1) The drop-down menus aren't dropping down (Chow/Chowhound/Recipes etc. at the top of the page.)

2) If I go to the thread I've visited before to read a new post, and it's in response to a previous post that has been collapsed, I should be able to click on the poster's name to open just that post. Instead, I'm being brough to that poster's profile page. Of course, when I return to the thread I was tryign to read, ALL posts are open. This just happened to me with a thread that had over 370 postings, and I was trying to read the recent posts. Oops! I get to slog through all 370+ to find the handful of new ones.

This second problem has come up before, but I don't see it reported recently.

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