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Teaching Techniques and Food Comb

JamesFX | Jan 16, 201209:19 AM

I am trying to find -- with surprising difficulty -- a specific kind of cooking instruction.

I am looking for a cooking "how to" book or website that teaches different techniques (e.g., braising), the types of foods to which to apply these techniques, and simple variations necessary for the various foods.

I would like to see things like a discussion of mirepoix (french) and its variants for regional ethnic cooking -- e.g., sofrito, the holy trinity, etc.

I would like to see what ingredients lend ethic influences (sherry, soy and ginger for Chinese, lime for Mexican and Thai, why chili and curry taste similarly, etc.).

I would like to see what foods go with other foods when constructing a dish or a menu. (Apples and rosemary with pork, sage with poultry, etc.).

In short, I would like to see something that will enable one to cook what's available well, to put together one's own recipes and menus, and not be bound by books (and even shows) that are recipe, recipe, recipe.

I want something that would help me become a creative -- and good -- cook at home. No commercial equipment or processes -- no robocoup, no sous vide, no salamanders, no cooktop that is as hot as the sun's surface. Just down-to-earth home-based cooking.

Any suggestions?

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