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So I'm teaching my husband to make grilled cheese... suggestions?


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So I'm teaching my husband to make grilled cheese... suggestions?

lissar | Jul 15, 2004 03:40 PM

He can't cook at all- in fact, he's terrified of cooking and not that interested in food, but I'm tired of doing all the cooking. Also, he won't eat if I'm not around to tell him what's in the fridge.

So yesterday I brought a silly sandwich-pocket-maker-thingy from my parents' house. An aunt gave it to me when i was about 8, and I used it to make pizza-pocket type things. It's like a waffle iron, I guess- you put a sandwich in it, and it presses down and divides it into two sealed triangles and cooks them.

Anyway, we've sucessfully had him make pizza thingies with tomato sauce and mozzerella, but i want him to broaden out. I figure it's the least threatening form of cookware he can use, so I'm going to concentrate on variations with it before introducing him to the stove.

Isn't this pathetic?

I'm working on different fillings he can use. Ham and cheese, tuna and cheese, peanut butter and nutella... I bet french toast would be pretty good, too. I'm not sure about pancake batter.

What other filling mixtures do you suggest? And is it suitable for cooking any other foods? Thanks.

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