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teaching cooking to kids (8y/o)


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teaching cooking to kids (8y/o)

jeniyo | Jan 21, 2010 08:56 AM

I have been nominated to do a cooking demo for a group of 8 y/o girls, and there are around 8 of them (fortunately some kids think I’m awesome because I feed them when they visit). I’m thinking something eas(ier) hands-on and obviously the kiddos will try.

I feel like it is my responsible for their cooking lives, as this may be the 1st thing they ever made (the general observation is that chicken nuggets and turkey sandwiches on white bread is a food group). I’d like to incorporate some kind of veggie (if possible).

Given the attention spans of kids, I suppose certain things would not fly (eg. Brasing or soups).

I was thinking making pizza- make dough? And baking your own pizzas
Quick breads that can be made in a single bowl and or cookies
Make focaccia (faster yeast bread?) and make some grilled sandwiches
Mac and cheese baked in personal ramekins (this leaves the béchamel mainly to me)
Pate au choux - cheesy ones filled with chicken salad and sweets filled with ice cream

What would you do? How young were you when you cooked your first thing?

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