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TC #4 -- what's with all the swearing?

Richard 16 | Mar 12, 200811:59 PM

I'm no prude. I was a chef and I know the kind of language that goes on in the kitchen.

But that is the back of the house. All this cursing on TV -- and therefore in the public eye -- is *incredibly* unprofessional. Can you imagine a chef going out to the dining room and cursing up a storm? Or a chef at a book signing? Or a chef speaking to some school kids?

I will not let my younger kid watch the show anymore, and I'm not far behind. I've been working for years to get them to *think* when they speak; to learn to express themselves so that they are fully capable of communicating cleanly. Profanity has its place, but not on Top Chef.

And Bravo is worse -- maybe some of the cheftestants are incapable of expressing themselves without swearing, but there is no law that says Bravo has to air it. I'd wager the cheftestants would clean up their language dramatically if they knew it wouldn't get on the air. Unfortunately, I wouldn't be surprised if Bravo is encouraging it.

What a shame.

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