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Tavern on the Green - Nightmare !!!!!!!!!!


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Tavern on the Green - Nightmare !!!!!!!!!!

David | Jul 22, 2002 03:32 PM

My question is How much is too much . When is it appropriate to say this is not what we expect !!

I just wanted to report my latest experience with a restaurant that is reputation only .
I am reading some of the previous posts here & see that I am not the only one who is completely unimpressed with the famous Tavern on the Green .
This Saturday I was taken out to surprise dinner . I wish I knew where we were going beforehand .The point was supposed to be a nice romantic setting .
It was anything but .....
We arrived at 8:15 for dinner & were supposed to have outside dining .( I know this because my date was worried the whole day it was going to rain ) When we were taken into the Garden room, I asked about the outside dining & my waiter replied
" You do not want to be out there ,It is very buggy . Stay in here & have drinks out there later " . Seemed reasonable at the time .
Tho if the owners knew that their staff was telling people that, they might be upset considering it is probably the main reason people go there .
We are seated in the corner table by a mural that covers the whole wall.
I can watch people walking in the front door. What we did not know is that there is a hidden door to the hallway next to our table ( it was part of the mural).
We order a bottle of wine ,get some bread etc etc..
The waiter comes over to take our order & I do not see him again for 45 minutes .( granted my back was to the restaurant so if he did come around I could not see him )
No it was not to bring me my appetizers it was to ask the people at the next table if they would like their check.
I heard them answer no we want our desert, He asks what would they like & They said we ordered this already .
I then proceeded to listen as the wine steward has an argument with the table right behind me .
The people at this table were insulted by him because he said " I would love to sell you a bottle of wine" a small bottle "piquno"
The people spoke perfect english & were insulted that he felt the need to speak Spanish to them to explain what he wanted .
What happened to I would like to recommend something you might enjoy . Not I want to sell something to you .

While all this was going on the hidden door in the wall that our table was leaning against opens up 5 times with people on the other side wanting to see where that door leads to . It was funny the first time but by the 5th time lost its charm.
It was now 9:20 & still no food - I grabbed my dates hand & walked to the front desk walking past my waiter who was just standing there .
Explained that it was over an hour since we ordered our food & explained about the door .
He asked I show him the door which I did & he offered a new table but by then I was fed up .
We left ,Jumped in a cab & went to the Oak Room at the Plaza.
That was Great by the way -Beautiful room - worth the look .

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