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Tasting Food vs. Eating Food (Pretty Long)


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Tasting Food vs. Eating Food (Pretty Long)

Bob Savelli | May 16, 2002 12:23 PM

Being a newcomer to Chowhound, I'm amazed at the number of people with amazing senses of taste/smell regarding their food. Me, I'm a ex-fraternity, eat as fast as you can so you get seconds, kind of eater. A typical meal with the "Savellis" will illustrate my point and pose the question - Do people that taste every nuance and ingredient in their food enjoy it more than those who....well, don't!

Ann: This Sauvignon Blance tastes herbaceous, bell peppery and like new mown hay. I'm not sure if I like that, what do you think?
Bob: It's nice and cold, you like that, right?

Ann: Umm, the smoky, pepper bacon and marjoram are really good in the chowder, you agree?
Bob: I thought those were the clams, but you know I like my soup very hot, not luke warm. This is hot and creamy just the way I like it.

Ann: Do you like the salad?
Bob: I really like the tartness and crunchiness of the pecans and the raisins.
Ann: That tartness is from the aged balsamic vinegarette; those are candied walnuts and dried cranberries, can't you tell?
Bob: Sure.

Ann: The Cabernet really goes well with my steak. I especially like the oakiness and the Eucalyptus character, it must come from around Rutherford, CA.
Bob: I think it is pretty strong, but very tasty and good. What does oak taste like?

Ann: How's your salmon?
Bob: I like the grilled flavor and the sauce is tasty.
Ann: Do you like the tarragon and dill in the sauce.
Bob: I thought it was celery, this is salmon isn't it?

Ann: This french roast coffee really hits the spot.
Bob: Is that where they roast it, or the kind of beans or roasting process?
Ann: Whatever.

Ann: Do you think this apple tart is good? I especially like the Pippin apples they've used with the vanilla bean ice cream.
Bob: Those are the green apples, right? The ice cream is good melted on the tart, huh? Want a tic-tac?

The question is whether tasting everything allows one more enjoyment of the meal? I think not, what do you think?

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