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Tastes: Your Mileage May Vary. What Do We Honor as Chowhounds?

Scargod | Oct 10, 200902:33 PM

I think this is a wonderful thread: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/2893... It is old, but relates to what is on my mind right now.

I came to Chowhound in search of good food in an area new to me. I have enjoyed writing, sharing and expressing my opinions here. I have no issue calling myself a foodie OR Chowhound. I make maps with POI (points of interest), for places I want to eat at or that I have eaten at. I collect restaurants and foodstuff resources from Chowhound. I take pictures of food...
The Chowhound credo is to search for deliciousness wherever it can be found and not eat something less than delicious. Are you really in search of deliciousness if you like McDonald's? I have been critical of "road food". I cannot handle a steady diet of fried foods. I love sausages and kraut. I love a pastrami on rye or a Reuben, but I restrain myself from eating them too often. Same for foie gras and lobster rolls soaked in butter. I really have nothing against talking about delicious food.
I want a rare burger. This requirement and cheap buns really limits my burger intake. I like variety. I am for cheap food, but sorry, no mystery meat hot dogs! Your hot dog is my apple. You aren’t going to be interested in hearing about the apple I just ate. I love a good soft taco! Rice and beans? Hell yea! A bowl of soup or stew, or a sandwich with side salad suits me fine. It is hard to find much that's even comes close to healthy food that is "fast", cheap and good for you. At least it should be special and not spit out of a drive-thru!
I realize that “healthy” is not mentioned in the manifesto, but “discerning” and “passionate” is. I do not eat just to assuage hunger. Wolfing down my food and suffering from food amnesia is not my bag. Should we even bring up buffets? Even Leff, our founder and mentor has reconsidered how much and what he eats. OTOH, suggestions like, “You could carry carrots, bread and yogurt with you" doesn’t resonate with me when I am out on a Chowhounding adventure!
Do you say, "I need my comfort food"? Perhaps you are trying to become a Chowhound and backslide a bit or you are trying to learn about good food. Sure there are Chowhounds with personal foibles that need comfort food; those who fondly remember the Kraft slices with black bubbles or have served Velveeta and Rotel over chips. These memories are not relevant to Chowhounding and causes credibility shrinkage with many.
Savoring the smells and tastes is what Chowhounds do. Do we really want comments interjected about manufactured food from chains? Where do you draw the line and wished someone could be banished to the “Chains” board? I don’t think avoiding chains is elitist. They are boring (and the whole point is they are predictable).

I remember why this site was founded and why I joined. What is your motivation for being on Chowhound? What special do you bring to the party? Do you smell the wine or pause to wonder what’s in the food that makes it unique? Do you experiment at home, try a new place or a new dish? What separates us from other foodie sites?

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