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Those tasteless, juiceless navel oranges

julesrules | Oct 5, 200707:33 AM

Okay, I'm in Canada. So my local/seasonal fruit options are limited most of the year (I eat plenty of local apples year-round, and hit the farmer's markets in season).

But in the dead of winter, I need something other than bananas and stored apples. While it seems ridiculous to buy oranges from as far afield as South Africa, there is of course no local citrus, and I don't really see Florida citrus around either.

It seems to me up until the past few years, oranges were pretty much guaranteed to have some flavour and juice. Some better than others of course, but always edible.

But in recent years, more and more often, I peel a thick-skinned navel orange and can immediately tell that it has NO chow value. Inedible. Devoid of juice, resulting in weird dry texture, and tasteless.

I've pretty much given up buying oranges as a result. Do I need to shop the ethnic markets and get the thin-skinned, greenish oranges which seem more reliable, but I guess aren't pretty enough for the mainstream grocery?

Any other tips, tricks, rants...?

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