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Taste, Texture, Appearance? How important is it to you?


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Taste, Texture, Appearance? How important is it to you?

Dommy! | Jan 17, 2006 12:07 PM

I usually don’t start these types of threads, but I always love reading them. :)

Anyway, BF and I have an interesting on going discussion as we learn more and more about each others tastes (We both love food and cooking, but have different backgrounds and hence, different ‘tastes’). He’s way more sensitive to texture than I am. I’m all about taste! He doesn’t like Shrimp or Squid because they are chewy… Doesn’t like peaches because they are fuzzy… Doesn’t like Jello or Pudding because it’s mushy/juggly. Even when having a peach flavored drink, he can kinda taste the fuzz…

I on the other hand, am really picky about flavors. I shy away from a lot of seafood because I can’t stand even the thought of ‘fishy/briney’ flavors. I don’t like flavors that overpower (Too much sweet…too much spice…) or bland things (I’m Mexican, almost every dish we have is made with a sauce or we add sauce to it later!)

We’re both kinda even on the appearance things, as if it doesn’t matter too much. I once was in a rush for a dinner party where I promised Shrimp Fettucine w/Lemon spiked Alfredo… I realized I only had squid ink pasta in the pantry and made it and the dish came out looking horrible! Like grey brains… It tasted however, EXCELLENT… and the flavor of the dull squid ink went well with the lemon and shrimp!! But someone at the party just could not get over eating something grey… even though she agreed it tasted yummy…

I fully realize all these things play together. Those on the Home cooking board are well aware of my constant hunt for the worlds perfect creamy mac and cheese. I love the sight of a creamy beautiful cheese sauce like an alfredo… it totally sets the YUMMY alarm in my head. I also love the texture of a thick smooth sauce in my mouth… And of course, I adore the taste of REAL sharp cheedar… And I can’t seem to get all three in one dish, so it’s frustrating to me…

Anyway, just wondering, how important are all these things when you guys judge dishes. Are you more of a texture person? Flavor? Does appearance matter as much? How do all these things, to be strictly on topic, play into your "Chowhounding Strategy"?


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