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Taste tester dish for a restaurant as determined by the hiring restaurant for a chef gig?

K K | Nov 16, 200904:00 PM

I'm not asking what is your taste tester dish for a restaurant as a diner trying out a new restaurant for the first time, that answer can vary and I'm sure there are numerous threads on it.

But I'm curious for those who have applied for gigs as chefs (or just in the know). Did the restaurant test you during the interview to try and cook something, to see if you pass that test, and what was the dish?

I read a book published in Hong Kong that some local Cantonese Chinese restaurants over there test their budding job candidates for chef gigs with a simple dish like scrambled egg with shrimp, the criteria being the shrimp remaining juicy and moist, the egg at the perfect smooth runny (but not overcooked) consistency, pretty much a way to measure wok and stir fry skills.

For other cuisines, what is that test dish you know of (and why)?

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