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Taste like Rubio's Hot Red Salsa recipe finally!


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Taste like Rubio's Hot Red Salsa recipe finally!

chef chicklet | Jun 14, 2007 12:21 PM

I am so elated!

Awhile ago I posted on Chowhound my request asking if anyone had or was able to duplicate the recipe for the wonderful hot red salsa served at Rubio's that I so dearly love.

I am not talking about the mild one, nor the one that is really really dark (chipotle based)
I love the one that is labled "hot" salsa with black bits in it.

I have tried and tried. Searched high and low to find it and then just tried to figure it out. After buying numerous tubs and tasting it, eating there and tasting it, I finally have it down. Believe me "hot" salsa is not easy to nail since it really messes with your taste buds for several hours.

So yesterday for the ultimate test, I ran it by the youngest son the other passionate food lover, who loves that salsa as much as I do. So I bought a container of their salsa and had him do a taste test with "theirs' and "mine".
He liked mine better! He actually said OMG Mom, you have done it, only better!

Why better? Because he said theirs most of the time has the taste of being "too burnt" and it can gross him out at times. And now I can understand how that could happen.

I'm not sure if I am alone in this love for their salsa, but if you are interested and want the recipe just ask me. I'll share

This is for people that only love hot salsa.

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