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Taste Of (Regular) Coca Cola Manufactured In Mexico

crt | Mar 24, 200807:26 AM

In a word, better! Actually two words, way better. Why? It tastes the way that Coca Cola should. And why? Becuase it's not loaded high fructose corn syrup like that manufctured in the U.S.. The only sweetner used in the Mexican variety is pure cane surgar. Coca Cola Corporate based in the U.S. would like people to think there is no perceptible difference in taste between Coke made in the U.S. and Coke made in Mexico, but as anyone who's ever had the two can tell you, that's wishful thinking—drinks made with real sugar have a clean sweetness and light mouthfeel to them, while those made with corn syrup have heavy mouthfeel and a cloying sweetness. Costco is now selling Mexican Coke for $17.99 a case which comes out to 75 cents a bottle. That old saying should be changed to...Things Go Better With Mexican Coke!

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