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Can you taste the metal from cookware and knives?


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Can you taste the metal from cookware and knives?

Chemicalkinetics | Feb 15, 2010 07:21 PM

I have been told many times that I should not cook acidic food, like tomatoes, in a cast iron Dutch oven because the iron will dissolve faster in acidic environment, which is true. However, I have cooked many tomatoes in my Dutch Oven and I have yet to really noticed that metallic taste. Maybe I am not sensitive enough. I certainly know what metal tastes like, but I cannot taste it in my food. Can you people actually taste iron from your cast iron cookware? I assume it is real because many people wrote about it, but I cannot taste the iron. I am curious how many of us actually can taste the iron and how many cannot.

The other claim is something I seriously question. I have seen many advertisements for ceramic knives. While I agree with many of the claims, there is one seems questionable. That claim suggests that a ceramic knife does not impart metallic taste to food unlike a stainless steel or carbon steel knife. Seriously? Have any of you ever cut up your bell peppers with a stainless steel knives and later say "Hmm, I taste steel in my bell peppers tonight" Moreover, don't we usually cook our cut up food in a metal cookware anyway. So the knife cannot possibly transfer more metal taste to my food than a stainless steel saute pan. What do you think? Thanks.

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