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Can you taste dish soap on your dishes?


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Can you taste dish soap on your dishes?

AnneInMpls | Feb 19, 2007 09:34 PM

I have trouble finding a dish soap that I can tolerate. Most are so strongly perfumed that the taste never comes off the dishes - especially water glasses.

Can you taste dish soap, too? If so, please help me find a dishwasher detergent that isn't perfumed. I'm about to get a dishwasher (never had one before), and I'm dreading the search for a non-perfumed detergent.

I'm still cringing from when I tried Dawn's "new scent" dish soap. I swear I could still taste it on my water glasses months later. (I exaggerate - luckily, I've learned that vinegar helps to remove the scent.) I now use Seventh Generation dish soap, which is truely unscented.

Does Seventh Generation make a dishwasher detergent? Is it unperfumed? Does it lkinda work? I'm less picky about cleaning power than I am about obnoxious perfumes....

Help me, please!


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