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Taqueria Alameda - Westland, MI

JanPrimus | Feb 20, 2010 05:06 PM

Sure we have mentioned this place in a few threads....but GOSH DARN IT......this place deserves a lot of attention.

It is just a tiny place in a small strip mall packed between a Tax Prep place and a laundromat. I had passed it over for a long time after some bad Westland Mexican food experiences (Yes I am thinking about you Mexi-go). I don't recall what finally tipped me into going in...but I can hit myself for not going in sooner. Stupid Stupid ME!

For Taco's they have Suadero (Grilled Steak), Carne Molida (Ground Beef), Al Pastor (Marinated Pork), Campechano (Mixture of meats), Carnitas (Deep Fried Pork), Chorizo (sausage), Lengua (Beef Tongee), Pollo (Grilled Chicken), Cabeza (Beef Head), Barbacoa (lamb), and Chorizo with Huevo's (Sausage and Eggs). They have different sized Corn Tortilla's you can get it with and they are served traditional style with Onion and Cilantro. Now just having these various meats is not enough...the real question is how are they seasoned. I have eaten more Mexican food all around Detroit and can say with out a doubt that this is the place that is doing it the best (at least for the places I have visited, I still have a few to hit up). They are leagues ahead of everyone else in my opinion in this area.

They also serve a wide variety of Burrito's, Fajita's and Torta's...

For Soups...We get Menudo O Pancita, Pozole, Caldo De Camaron, Mole De Olla, Consome De Barbacoa, Barbacoa and Barbacoa Familiar. So far what I have tried has been delicious.

Then they have the Especialities! Sopes, Huaraches, Tostadas, Quesadilla's (Both Flour or Corn), and Gorditas. Here we have different meat fillings...Chicharon Prensado (More or less Pork Cracklins Hash), Tinga Del Pollo (Chipolte Chicken), Picadillo (Ground Beef), Papa (Potatoes), Queso (Cheese), Hongos Mushrooms), Papa con Chorizo (Sausage and Potatoes), Huitlacache (Black Corn), and Nopales (Cactus).

Lastly I report on the Tamale, These are all Hand Made Tamales....
Cerdo (Pork), Res (Beef), Pollo (Chicken), Jalapeno, and also a Queso y Dulce (Cheese and Sweet).

I have dropped into this place now maybe 8-10 times and I keep ordering from all over the menu....and each time I walk away more impressed. Tonight I got a bottle of Mexican Coke, The Chicharon Quesadilla's (Basically a Pork Cracklins Hash in there!) and about a dozen tamales to go. If you are ever in the area (not to far out of the way if you are going to be at Metro Airport) yourself the favor. Stop in...pop into a seat...and order.

906 S Wayne Road
Westland, MI 48185
M-Sat 11am to 10pm
Sunday 11am to 9pm

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