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Tapioca pearl tea at Sweetheart, Oakland


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Tapioca pearl tea at Sweetheart, Oakland

Alexandra | Feb 12, 2003 03:44 PM

I've now had two mango milk tapioca pearl tea drinks at Sweetheart Cafe at 9th and Harrison in Oakland, and it's confirmed - they're the best in the East Bay! The mango was real (always preferred over powdered mango), the tapioca pearls still warm and nicely soft (not jaw-breakingly chewy like some are), and the whole thing frothy and perfectly mixed. Yes, it was $3.50, which is double what I paid for my actual lunch of take out dim sum a couple blocks away. But it was completely worth it. Now I just have to get myself to try other durian! (Sweetheart offers at least 100 different varieties.)

Here's a link to the Pearl Tea Review's report on Sweetheart, which also has a location in Milpitas and one on Durant in Berkeley.


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