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Tangra Asian Fusion, Sunnyside

Eric Eto | Mar 10, 2006 10:34 AM

I hadn't been to Tangra Masala in Elmhurst in a while, let alone visit the new Tangra since they opened several months back, but in the last two weeks I've been a few times to the Sunnyside Tangra, and it seems like the food at the there is better than I remember at the Elmhurst branch. The menu at the Sunnyside Tangra has expanded almost exponentially, and I've had a chance to try several new dishes, and sample the old standbys.

The old standbys: chili chicken (dry), tangra masala beef (dry), gobi manchurian, Tangra Masala fish fingers, lolipop chicken (bigger than I remember). All still wonderfully bold and spicy.

Some new dishes:
Masala fries, which are french fries aggresively spiced before frying.
Salt & pepper bindi (okra): Battered and fried okra with salt & pepper seasoning like you get with shrimp or squid in cantonese places. There's a chili/onion/cilantro slaw that garnishes the dish, and is a perfect accompaniment.
Tangra masala paneer: paneer (cheese) and vegetables in that red chili sauce, with a hint of cardomom.
Tiger prawns in garlic sauce: this was the mildest dish of the bunch, and I would order it drier next time, but it was a good departure from the more potent manchurian and tangra masala sauces.

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