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Tangier. Curious, was it good for you?


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Tangier. Curious, was it good for you?

BCM | Jul 17, 2008 02:48 PM

We were there last night to see a band perform (Ceci Bastida); we were directed to the far end stage, which had a curtain as an entry way (my wife was struggleling with the curtain for a bit to find the slit).

I was quite impressed with their decoration. It seemed to be pretty happening for a Wednesday night. I got the feeling that there were a lot of locals and regulars, mid 20's to early 30s. Everything seem OK, until we went through the curtain to the bar/ stage area.

The area was stuffy; it was also a little too dark for my taste, at first I thought my eyes needed to adjust, but no it remained that way thought the night (unless you count the spontaneous bright light flashing, that really bothered everyone's eyes, especially those sitting closer to the stage).

I thought all of this was going to be compensated by the good service and good drinks. Boy was I mistaken! The waitress was missing in action, and when she did make an appearance she did not even acknowledge us had it not been that my wife had to flag her down to get her attention (about 25 minutes after our arrival).

Then we ordered our drinks, we had to repeat our drinks to her about 3 times, and let me tell you the band wasn't that loud, nor were we ordering 'rare' unheard of exotic cocktails. We ordered a Cape Cod and two Cadillac Margaritas. When she returned with our drinks, my wife had specified a Grey Goose Cape Cod that was not GG, my wife knows her GG, and even I could tell that was not GG! It was very cheap vodka that left you with an awful aftertaste. Nothing that my Caddy would not wash away. WRONG! My margarita was not premium at all!!! I verified with the waitress, thinking that she may have mixed up our drinks with someone else, and she said no those are made with our premium tequila. Jose Cuervo Gold (or equivalent) is not a premium tequila lady!!! Those drinks were expensive, not even worth the cheap alcohol they contained, $10 a pop. After I drank only a quarter of my drink, I requested a straight shot. I asked what tequilas were available and opted for a classic mid-range reposado, Cazadores, and was really looking forward to it. Once again disappointed, sadly to say that was not Cazadores ($11), the guy at the bar must think that his patrons don't know a thing about tequilas.

All our drinks were practically left untouched, at this point I would have probably excused myself and left, had it not been that we had opened a tab, and Ceci had already taken the stage. $45.00 bucks down the drain (+ tip). Money I could have used for gasoline, which probably would have tasted better than the drinks they served us!

IMHO, go only if your favorite band is performing. Stay away from the mixed drinks, order only beer straight out of the bottle. Sorry, didn't care too much after this to try the food. Did I miss anything??

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