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Tamales, tamales, tamales


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Tamales, tamales, tamales

adamclyde | Mar 17, 2005 01:26 PM

Ok, a post on the NY Tristate board prompted this.

I think I'm pretty familiar with a lot of different kinds of mexican style tamales, having made it my mission to try every one my eyes lay sight on. However, I'm much less familiar with tamales from other latin american and caribbean regions.

The post on the tristate was about a place that does both dominican and mexican food. I had a rajas tamal that was filled with rajas and cheese, like I'm familiar from mexican places, but it was all kind of stewed in a tomato-like sauce with onions and some chicken. It was wrapped in corn husk (which would - to me - indicate mexican, rather than the banana leaf usually used in other countries... aside from oaxaquenos, of course).

Anyhow, my question is... what are dominican tamales like? Are they usually corn husked? or banana leaves? What about colombian? I've had them once - they were wrapped in banana leaves and filled with everything... and were huge. What about guatemalan?

In other words, what are some of the defining characteristics of tamales from the different countries in latin america/caribbean?

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