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Tall Pines Coffee Shop-Monrovia

Augusta | Sep 6, 2007 03:45 PM

I've been meaning to mention this restaurant after giving it a try several weeks ago. It's a little, discreet place that we've been curious about because you can't really see the inside from the street and the name doesn't tell you much about what sort of food they serve. It's visible when you exit the 210 East at Myrtle (just a little south of the Wizard of Bras).

My boyfriend and I thought it might be a good breakfast spot for maybe some pancakes, or steak and eggs?
Well, we were pretty surprised to find that it's primarily a bar that served some pretty darn good Mexican food. There were patrons sitting at the bar having big bowls of menudo along with their beer, a pool table in the middle, and one very friendly, hard working waitress taking orders, serving, and bussing tables. I ordered one fish and one chicken soft taco which tasted delicious--filled with tomatoes, lettuce, cilantro, and avocado, they were some of the best and freshest tacos I've tasted. My BF had a chicken quesadilla which was a pretty good size with lots of cheese; he noted it was a bit on the greasy side though he still liked the taste and the generous amount of grilled chicken.
We were even happier with our food after we got our bill--a little over eight dollars for the both of us!
The menu does offer some "American" style breakfast dishes but I think I would stick with the Mexican food here.
Was wondering if anyone else has tried Tall Pines before? I think this is one place we'd like to revisit soon.

Tall Pines Coffee Shop
1540 S Myrtle Ave

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