Talking Cookware: Quality and Practical Usefulness, or the Trip Over the Edge?

jbrcoll | Jan 28, 2010 09:57 PM

While browsing for a difficult to find food item, I stumbled upon a product called 'Platinum Cookware', billing itself in its little infomercial as "The worlds best cookware." (rah!). Somehow drawn further in (the product is very shiny, and rather pretty, withal) I was astonished to discover that, among other things, it says it is the world's first talking cookware. Well, perhaps needless to say, there was a pause in my brain, and I contemplated where all this might be leading. After a little reflection, however, I began to wonder genuinely about its functionality and the actual utility of the idea. I have a blind friend who loves to cook, but experiences specific challenges in the process, and I sincerely wonder if this is a new "good thing". Can anyone tell me if they have encountered this product, or anything like it, and whether or not it seems to be a quality product, with a technology that could be viable, as well as novel? If it functions in the right way, it could be of genuine use to many I can think of, who are challenged by poor vision or actual blindness. Any input would be more than welcome. I am posting this generally so as to reach the broadest audience, given the likelihood few people will have comment/experience with this. Thanks for your feedback!

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