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Can we talk about canned salmon?


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Can we talk about canned salmon?

Ngal | Jun 16, 2006 06:16 PM

I love the idea of canned salmon as a better alternative to tuna for salads. But every time I've bought it (multiple brands) it comes skin-on with large bones in (the spine I believe). By the time I finish cleaning it, it has lost volume and sort of grosses me out - not a good prelude to a meal.

Is there a brand of canned salmon out there that avoids these issues, or is it inevitably the shabby leftover from the better parts of the catch that are sold for filets?

And to further complicate matters, a few days ago I saw Rachel Ray open a can of it and dump the whole thing, skin and all, into a recipe. So is the problem merely that I am being too prissy?

How do you hounds feel about canned salmon? Would love your imput.

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