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Talia's Steakhouse

uncle moishy | Mar 14, 200511:45 PM

(This is the continuation of a thread that started a week or so ago, with the subject line "Private Party in NYC." At some point, we got off the original subject and into some back and forth re Talia's Steakhouse. So I started this new thread, to try to keep the subject line "valid")

To Lou Goldstein:
Everyone's entitled to their opinion, but unless Talia's has undergone a massive transformation since early November, it isn't IMHO nearly as good as you've made it sound. I double-checked. My last experience at Talia's wasn't the "off" night with the raucous sound system; it was an "on" night with four very satisfied customers. I went back and found the post (link below). The off night was the time before, when the sound system hurt and my medium steak was way too well done.

More generally, until I get back there (and I will soon enough), I have to stick with my opinion that Talia's can be erratic. I've been there enough to know that the night of the overcooked steak was an aberration, but also enough to know that even at its best, Talia's food can't compete with Prime Grill's (although it's background noise level and close quarters probably can).

And as for the new sound system that you claim is the envy of the entire NYC lounge scene, I can't comment from experience (haven't heard it yet) and I'm too old to be up on the lounge scene in any case. But I'm still willing to guess that you've indulged in a bit of exaggeration here too. It doesn't make business sense for a one-night-a-week lounge in a small space drawing from a restricted audience of kosher-keepers to invest that heavily in a sound system -- especially since dancing remains taboo (I presume)!!!!

I wish we had someplace like Talia's here in Brooklyn, where meat restaurant options remain limited. But it just ain't as great as you've been making it out to be in these posts.

Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

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