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takeout from Swad

Denise R. | Apr 3, 2002 08:12 AM

I had a takeout lunch from Swad, the Pakistani restaurant on Coney Island Avenue yesterday. (I was inspired by the a disagreement about it on this board.) It's a steam-table place; from what I could tell they don't make anything to order. THere's a menu board posted above the food, but I think it's kind of beside the point. THe best thing was the pita bread, which was a completely different species from the stuff you get in a plastic bag. It was fresh out of the oven, a bit singed and topped with sesame seeds and a little oil. It was verrrry goood even after the (short) trip home, which means it's probably fabulous if you eat it there.

I tried three things -- 1. a kind of spicy comfort food concoction of ground chicken and potatoes, which didn't blow me away but which I would definitely eat again. I imagined it to be the one-dish Pakistani version of meatloaf and potatoes. 2. A chicken and rice dish (which I didn't mean to order -- I thought I was ordering some plain rice, to eat with my other stuff, but apparently this isn't done there). It was chicken on the bone cooked with rice and lots and lots of black peppercorns. The rice part was good and kind of sweet with some aromatic spice, but the chicken had that "cooked several hours ago and kept warm" taste. 3. Spicy cauliflower stewed with tomatoes and lots of cilantro. Yummy.

The ingredients seemed to be good and fresh and everything wasn't cooked in way too much oil (the way it is at some of the other nearby South Asian places). As one of the earlier posters noted, it's not as cheap as you might expect for a place like this. But, all things considered, I think I'll go back again.

It's on Coney Island Avenue near Avenue H. Though I got takeout, it would be an OK place to actually sit and eat.
Has anybody else been there lately?

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