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When they get your takeout order wrong yet again...

NicoleFriedman | May 9, 2012 05:37 PM

What do you do when your favorite takeout place gets your order wrong? I'm not talking about major mistakes such as the wrong entree, but rather smaller ones that make your meal somewhat less enjoyable but not to the point where you can't eat it. For example, from my favorite diner II always ask for a specific home-made dressing when I order a salad, yet about 25% of the time, I get some horrible bottled dressing. I do not always order from this restaurant for this reason, but sometimes I get a craving and usually (according to my own statistics :) ), the odds are in my favor. Is this simply the risk you take when ordering takeout? Just to be clear, i do call them right away if they made a major mistake, but if it's just the salad dressing, I make sure to mention their mistake the next time I place an order.

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