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Taiwan Cafe Lunch

Dave M.P. | Oct 19, 2003 12:03 PM

Went to TC yesterday for lunch with 4 others. We shared:

Beef with poblano peppers: I hadn't had this in a while, the best beef dish I have had there. A must try if you haven't yet.

Eggplant with Basil: Still amazing, serving is still huge, even my friend who "doesn't like vegetables" liked this one.

(These two dishes came out first, the appetizers came out afterwards)

Had two fried dough sticks from the Taiwanese Brunch menu, they were freshly fried and tasty.

Scallion pancakes were also freshly fried, dough is nice and thick, just as good as Wang's I thought...

Crispy Tofu: This is one of my favorites at Taiwanese places, though Taiwan Cafe does not make this as well as David's in Queens, NY (where I first had it). The crispy part at TC is kind of sticky and as the tofu cools it kind of slides off. Still pretty tasty though. The friend who "doesn't like vegetables" commented negatively that the fried part was just hiding the tofu. I told him that I consider this a positive.

Finally we had vegetarian dumplings, which took the longest to come out, everyone at the table (including "doesn't like vegetables") really liked them except for me, I thought the dough was a bit too gooey and the filling was TOO chopped up (it was getting close to vegetable paste).

With 5 bowls of rice, the grand total for the whole meal for 5 was 35 dollars, which is pretty amazing (we ate everything except a bit of the eggplant which I took home). I think I could eat in Taiwan Cafe 5 times a week for a year and never get bored of the food.

Dave M.P.

We shared one strawberry-coconut smoothie with tapioca pearls from Rainbow Cafe afterwards. The lady who works there is really nice, and the juice was really good, but the boba were NOT good, they were sticking together a lot and the insides were a bit crunchy. The boba are def. better at Lollicup, the food court in chinatown, and the place in Porter Exchange (the three other places I often go). It's too bad cause the juice is so good at Rainbow.

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